Best Central American Coffee | Which Coffee Roast is Right for You?

Best Central American Coffee | Which Coffee Roast is Right for You?

What kind of roast do you like? Most people don’t know the answer to this question. Read below to find out which best Central American coffee is more to your liking!

where can i find the best central american coffee?


Types of Roasts

Different types of roasts come from how the coffee beans are boiled. For example, when the beans crack their first shell or second shell, this gives the roast its own distinct flavor.

  1. Light Roast: slightly roasted, light brown, and acidic in taste
  2. Medium or Regular: roasted before the beans’ second crack, and lower caffeine amount than light roast but higher than dark roast
  3. Medium-Dark: dark in color, low caffeine, and more oil on the surface
  4. Dark Roast: chocolate-brown color, lowest amount of caffeine, and bitter taste

Medium roasts are called American roast, because it is typically the roast of choice in the United States.


Regional Variants

Additionally, coffee beans grown in certain areas can affect the flavor of the roast itself.

There are two main types of beans:

  • Arabica- typically grown on high elevation, has a soft taste, and used in artisan coffees only
  • Robusta- grown on low land, harsher taste, and used in commercial coffees

Furthermore, Arabica beans are commonly grown on the highland hills of Costa Rica. On the other hand, Robusta beans do not require such high elevation growing mainly on Asian grassland.


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