Best Coffee Beans | International Coffee Culture

Best Coffee Beans | International Coffee Culture

Do you ever wonder how the rest of the world takes their coffee? Coffee culture is primarily a social interaction between coffee and the individual or a group of individuals consuming it.  Read below to find out more about the best coffee beans for you!


Different Coffee Cultures

For starters, coffee culture seems to be very evident in today’s day and age. There are many interesting facts about how coffee culture varies from region to region:


  • Ethiopia
-birthplace of coffee
-coffee drinking includes a traditional ceremony where coffee brewing lasts for 2 hours
-“buna” is the Ethiopian word for coffee
-traditionally served with salt or butter


  • Italy
-birthplace of the espresso
-espresso is enjoyed while standing at cafes
-cappuccinos are only served in the morning
-tiny cups


  • USA
-big cups of brewed coffee
-coffee enjoyed in the morning, afternoon, or evening
-world’s biggest coffee consuming nation


  • France
-“café au lait” is the word for coffee
-enjoyed in the morning only
-coffee served with hot milk
-large mug in order to dip baguettes or croissants


  • Japan
-coffee serves as an energy drink
-enjoyed cold
-mainly in cans or bottles



Rising Coffee Culture in China

Furthermore, coffee culture is seeing its highest expansion in China. The country contains about 3,000 café chains and will double that number by 2020. Coffee consumption has tripled in the past four years.

In addition, the rise of coffee culture in China is due to status. People seen consuming Western coffee are thought of as achieving a higher level of societal status. Still, the average cup of coffee enjoyed per person every year is 2 to 3 cups.


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Are You in Need of the Best Coffee Beans?

Lastly, people drink coffee differently all over the world. International coffee culture is an especially important part of a daily activity that we are accustomed to. Contact us today for more information!

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