Best Coffee Online | Surprising Coffee Facts

Best Coffee Online | Surprising Coffee Facts

Whether you take your coffee with or without cream, iced or hot, we can all agree that our cup of coffee is the best part of the morning. However, you might be unaware that your favorite beverage actually comes with a plethora of interesting facts. Check out these three surprising coffee facts below, and if you are looking for the best coffee online, check out our coffee blends!

Just the Scent of Coffee Can Make You Feel Awake

Studies show that even the smell of coffee alters brain activity and helps reduce sleep deprivation. Also, once you drink that same cup of coffee the caffeine reaches your bloodstream as quickly as 10 minutes.


Coffee Drinkers Are Less Likely to Develop Alzheimer’s

Did you know that coffee actually comes with health benefits? According to recent studies, seniors that have high levels of caffeine in their blood were less likely to develop Alzheimer’s.


Coffee Is a Fruit

Coffee just became your new favorite fruit! Most people are unaware that coffee grows on bushes, and is actually a seed but is called a bean due to its appearance.


Where can i find the Best Coffee Online ?

Are You Looking for the Best Coffee Online?

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