Florida Coffee Roaster | 3 Ways to Have Your Morning Cup

Florida Coffee Roaster | 3 Ways to Have Your Morning Cup

Most of us enjoy waking up with our favorite cup of coffee. As your Florida coffee roaster, there are different ways that your coffee can be brewed. Are you in the mood to try a new brewing method? Keep reading to learn more about the different ways you can make your next cup of liquid gold!



In the first place, drip coffee is the most traditional method. The coffee grounds are added to the filter of your coffee machine and hot water in the reservoir. The water heats and flows to the coffee grounds and ‘drips’ down into the coffee mug.

In addition, the natural flavor of the coffee is stronger during this method.



French Press

Moreover, the French press is a burgeoning technique used to make coffee. You simply put coffee grounds at the bottom of the press, also known as the “carafe.” Then, boil hot water and pour it into a separate cup. 

Next, let the coffee grounds sit in the carafe for about 2- 4 minutes. This is so maximum taste will be released. Then, plunge your coffee grounds over your cup of hot water until it suits your desired taste.



Pour Over

In this case, hot water is poured directly onto ground coffee beans. The ground coffee is held into place with a coffee filter and you drink the content trickled from the filter.


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Are You in Need of a Florida Coffee Roaster? 

Lastly, it is important to us that you are getting the best flavor content out of your coffee! That’s why we offer the best selection of ground coffee to get your day started. Contact us today for more information!

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