High Quality Coffee | The Bean Belt

High Quality Coffee | The Bean Belt

Great coffee begins in different parts of the world. High quality coffee stems from diverse locale, beans, and harvest at ideal temperatures. This area is known as the “Bean Belt”—the exact location where coffee is grown to perfection. Let’s keep reading about your local coffee roasters!



Central America

For starters, the “Bean Belt” is located 25 latitudes North and 30 degrees South. Arabica beans are best for growing in high altitudes and Robusta thrives on low ground. As such, Costa Rica produces high-quality wet-processed Arabica beans. It is typically grown on small farms, where the beans are prized for its medium body and sharp acidity.



The Arabian Peninsula 

In addition, Yemen was the first country to commercially cultivate coffee. The coffee beans are smaller in this area because water is scarce in this dry climate. However, the beans are dry processed that gives its beans a deep, rich taste.




Moreover, Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee. It is generally wet processed grown in the following regions: Sidamo, Harrar, and Kaffa. The coffee is named after these regions and contains full-flavored, full-bodied taste.




Furthermore, Indonesia is renowned worldwide for its high-quality coffee. It is currently the world’s leading coffee producer exporting rich and mildly acidic flavor. It has one of the most ideal climates to grow coffee—a mix of dampness and humidity.  

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