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Whole Bean Coffee | Where Does Coffee Come From?

Coffee is one of the most common beverages consumed on a daily basis. That’s why we create the best high-quality coffee for taste and for enjoyment. Most importantly, we focus on how coffee is made and where it comes from. Keep reading for more information about your whole bean coffee roasters!




For starters, it is fabled that the birthplace of coffee comes from Ethiopia. The coffee plant was discovered in the country in the 11th century. It was nicknamed “magical fruit” because of the solution created after boiling the cherry-like fruit.




Since its discovery, coffee has spread and is enjoyed in all parts of the world. The coffee bean comes from the fruit of the coffee tree. The most ideal conditions for coffee to grow are humid conditions near the equator.

In fact, the “coffee belt” in Brazil and Vietnam are the highest producers of coffee worldwide. Their climates have a steady 60 to 70-degree Fahrenheit temperature making it ideal for coffee to grow.



The Harvest 

Moreover, the berries are harvested by a machine or carefully handpicked. The most common type of bean processing is known as wet processing. This technique requires rinsing the pulp in order to avoid damage to the bean. Once they are processed, there are put in bags and shipped for roasting.


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Are You Looking for Whole Bean Coffee?

Lastly, coffee is an internationally enjoyed drink and special attention should be given to the careful process of bean harvesting. Now that you know where coffee comes from, make sure to contact us today for our latest products!

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